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Airports have special needs, including making sure every door in the airport is working and secure at all hours. NDS takes great pride in servicing DTW airport 24/7, ensuring a positive experience for travelers and employees alike. 


The automotive industry has specialized needs by the fact that they require unionized service technicians. The diversity of our service team affords us the ability to meet the needs of the automotive industry. We are affiliated with the local Carpenters and local Ironworkers union. Our service technicians are trained to work on everything from overhead doors and docks, high speed doors, security doors, and hollow metal doors and hardware, all of which are prevalent in this industry. 

Corporate Offices

We can furnish and install new or service the following for corporate offices:

  • Aluminum Storefront Entrances

  • Automatic Sliding Doors & ADA Operators

  • Hollow Metal Door & Hardware

  • Revolving Doors 


Universities demand entryways that are functional, efficient and secure in order to meet the needs of their faculty members and students. Our technicians are dedicated to providing each educational facility with timely service in order the meet their campus' demands. National Door Systems extends its service from local campusus such as Oakland University to both of Michigans' Big Ten Colleges. 


Casinos, theaters and sporting complexes are among some of main sources of entertainment in Michigan, especially the South East region. Due to heavy pedestrian traffic at the entrances to these entertainment and sporting complexes, their doors need to be functional and safe per applicable life safety codes. NDS can help these complexes keep their doors safe and functional. 


NDS meets the high expectations and demands of the healthcare industry by providing outstanding service and products that minimize risk and optimize safety. 


Retailers create a special demand because if their entrance doors are down, their profit is too. Retailers need reliable doors to keep business moving. Unlike hospitals or airports, most retailers only have one entryway, which is why it is vital for it to be operational and functional at all times. NDS provides fast and efficient 24/7 service and preventative maintenance programs that decrease the downtimes of these doors. Walgreen's and Belle Tire are two of our biggest retail accounts, so if you need prescription filled or a tire for your car, be sure to call on either one of them! 

Markets We Serve

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